Xinn Food Story

Xinn Food Sdn Bhd started as a boutique chilled food and appetizer supplier in 2005.

Xinn Food sensed an opportunity and adapted its operations to the halal food manufacturing industry in 2017.

Backed by its experience and expertise in the culinary arts of Chinese cuisine, coupled with Malaysia’s love for food from other cultures, Xinn Food developed Halal certified dimsum while preserving the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine that meets Malaysia’s Halal standard.


Achieving Together As Your Strategic Partner

Xinn Food offers different opportunity to work together in the F&B industry locally and worldwide

Manufacturing Supply

We manufacture and supply frozen Halal-certified authentic tasty Dim Sum for all to enjoy.

Product OEM - Your product, we produce. Your recipe, our quality.

We can produce your products with us, and we ensure the quality for you. Don't have a product yet but want to customize the recipe from ours' to make it your own? No problem! Contact us today and discover how you make your own brand at the right quantity.

Retail & Online

Get your frozen Halal-certified Dim Sum at your favourite grocer or at your door step. Want to supply or sell Dim Sum? Partner with us today!

R&D - Innovation is constant to suit the market and needs.

We are constantly creating new recipes and searching for new sources (ie. Plant-Based Protein) to produce the best ways to introduce Dim Sum and Oriental Desserts/ Snacks to all.

Our Team

The great people behind great taste

Mr. Wong Seng Cheong (Willie)


Graduated as a mechanical engineer, Willie started his engineering firm in 1997, taking on government projects as a sub-contractor. Developed with an entrepreneur spirit, he then ventured into the e-commerce sector in 2007, trading supplements and healthcare products via the brand of Xinnara and Diversin on Amazon.

His business has flourished into a multinational company and still operates in the present days. In 2017, seeing the potential Halal market and as an aficionado of oriental food, especially Dim Sum, Willie took over the debt-ridden food manufacturing factory and rebranded it.

After taking over the factory, equipment, and expertise, Willie continued the growth and laid the foundation of Xinn Group of Companies as present days. Since 2017, Xinn Group of Companies has undergone two restructurings and revived from a small company to achieve its first million revenue milestone in 2018.

Ever confident in the potential halal market and Malaysia as the international food hub, Willie is determined to introduce Halal Dim Sum to the Muslim worldwide. He is in charge of planning, corporate strategy, production, and the R&D process in Xinn Group of Companies.

Mr. Willie Wong remains as a director in his previous venture to present.

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Mr. Cheam Chong Leng

Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Cheam started his career by founding retail pharmacies chain in 2000. He has then nurtured the chain to grow into a five branches pharmacy brand, selling supplements and various controlled drugs and medicine. His effort paid off when the brand attracted Caring Pharmacy Group Bhd’s attention and decided to invest 60% equity stakes in the business.

After the joint venture and public listing process, Cheam then ventured into the education sector by founding a language center with partners. The education center has graduated at least 800 overseas students with a multimillion revenue milestone throughout three years. Cheam had then exited the business when the Ministry of Higher Education froze the students’ visas.

A passionate serial entrepreneur, Cheam has been eyeing the technology and e-commerce sector for a while, and he started the MSC status Cornell Tech Sdn. Bhd. Working with various outsourced partners, Cornell Tech Sdn Bhd has a vast clientele, including Silverlake Group and Indonesia’s Samudera Indra. Within a few years, Cheam has grown his venture into a multimillion software provider company.

Determined to venture into the Food and Beverage sector, Cheam targets to nurture a new company into the next renowned food chain. Utilising his vast business link, Cheam spearheaded the business development division. To date, he has successfully brought Xinnature brand Dim Sum and cold plate frozen food into several local brands, including Tealive, Haji Sharin Low, Atmosphere 360 @ KL Tower, and Chinwoo Seafood Restaurant, to name a few.

Cheam joined Xinn Group of Companies in 2018 and he remains as a director in Cornell Tech Sdn Bhd.

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Operations Director


General Manager


Sales Manager

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Halal Certificate

Xinn Food has certified for most of our product SKUs